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With a firm belief that the older denim gets the more beautiful it becomes, Wiuep Co has partnered with Melbourne denim repair specialists DNMHDS.

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Restoration & Repair

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Even your oldest pair of jeans can be restored if we only put them in the hands of a skilled specialist. At Wiuep Co we are not only eco-conscious but have a firm belief that the older denim gets the more beautiful it becomes. Therefore we have partnered with DNMHDS Denim Repair specialists offer professional restoration and denim repair, which not only enhances the look of your denim but enables it to “live” a longer life.

Armed with a deep rooted devotion, blue blood in their veins and birth of experience – DNMHDS now offers a full range of repair services for all your denim jeans, jackets, and shirts. They’re capable of almost anything you just have to ask!

Whilst we recommend that dry jeans be worn everyday for 6 months before washing. However, we’re also environmentally conscious, and that involves the working environment of partnered repair specialists, therefore, for hygienic reasons, repairs will only be done on a clean jean fresh out from being washed. No exceptions!

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Standard Repair

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*Drop off by appointment only

– Upto 2 x 2″ Holes
– Additional holes $10 per hole
– $40 Mail Order incl. Return Shipping

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Hemming Service

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$20 – $30*

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*Drop off by appointment only

– Standard Hem $20*
– Original Hem $30*
– Please note $10 will be added to your order for Return Shipping

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Patch Work

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*Cost per Patch

– Zig-Zag or Straight Stitch
– Return Shipping incl. if part of service order. See Terms for details

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Mail Order Process

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Before booking in an appointment or mailing us the order, download our repair sheet here. Please mark and make sure that ‘X’ marks the spot on the garment diagram, plus write any additional comments on the areas of the pair you wish to send in to our specialists.

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Print our Repair Sheet and complete the details requested on the form.

If you are mailing the item to us, please enclose your Repair Sheet within the mail and ship it. Please note all outbound deliveries incur an additional charge of $10 and sent via AusPost standard delivery. An additional charge of $14 will be added to your account for outbound registered postage if you require an express delivery. We recommend you purchase the 3kg AusPost prepaid satchels.

If you wish to drop off your jeans to our partners directly, please email repairs@dnmhds.com and it’s preferred if you can attach a scanned copy of our Repair Sheet. A member of their team will be in touch shortly to arrange a day and time.

*At present Wiuep Co x DNMHDS are only accepting orders from within Australia, payment for the mail order will be issued through your Wiuep Co account. Terms & Conditions apply.

For ‘Drop Off’ services please note payment and terms may apply under the DNMHDS Service.

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Upon receiving your order we will email you to confirm the flat rate listed is accepted and/or any additional charges may be required. Please see Rates below for more information.

If you have not heard from a member of the team within 48 hours, please give us a few more days as delivery times may vary or feel free to email repair@wiuep.co with your name and details. We also advise that you add repair@wiuep.co to your address book to avoid it going to your spam folder.

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Terms & Rates

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– The cost for repairs is as listed above. For Patch Work orders only please note additional Shipping will be added, unless part of Repair Service order.

– There is a $10 surcharge for mail orders for return shipping by Auspost, if you require an express delivery an additional charge of $14 will be added.

– Upon receiving your order and confirmation of required repair, you will receive an order invoice to be paid via your registered account email. Please note this is to be paid prior to any work commences.

– We will only work on clean garments. If you haven’t washed your garment(s), a good time to do it would be before mailing them or dropping them off for repairs. Please see Repair Terms & Conditions as additional charges apply for non-washed items.

– All work takes approximately 15 to 21 days including delivery.

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– Garments need to be washed by you prior to sending otherwise there will be a $25 fee per piece, however you will also receive the 200mL Wiuep Co Wash Solution bottle used.

– Once we receive your garments we will send you an invoice via email within 48hours (2 business days).

– If you haven’t heard from us please check your spam filter or email us at repair@wiuep.co

– Payment for Mail orders via the Wiuep Co x DNMHDS collaboration service will be issued to valid registered accounts and under the Wiuep Co Terms & Conditions. You can register and create an account here – Create Account.

– If payment hasn’t been made 60 days from the date your garments were received we will donate them to charity. Prior to that you will receive at least two email reminders in addition to our original invoice. We hope you understand as jeans do pile up and take up a lot of space.

– ‘Drop Off’ orders and payment please refer to the DNMHDS Terms, for more information please email repairs@dnmhds.com.

– We ship your jeans via AusPost and include $100 of insurance in case of loss or damage.

– Extra insurance is available for an additional charge depending on the coverage amount. We will not refund cost of repair in case of loss or damage by the shipping carrier.

– Please make sure to read additional information in our FAQ

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