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A premium eco-denim care brand. Made in Melbourne, with a philosophy to unite, educate & support the denim community.

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The Brand

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Wiuep Co, a premium eco denim care brand. Designed, formulated and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia each facet from design to formulations are meticulously thought out. With each product being non-toxic, palm oil free, animal testing free as well as being made with natural biodegradable allergenic and enzyme free ingredients, where only the upmost care and dedication goes into each bottle. Catered not only to enhance the look of your denim but also enable you to continuingly live and breathe life back into them, prolonging their existence to that perfect fade.

Wiuep Co was established to accompany a belief that educating in the benefits of denim care and denim itself will in turn organically develop a new breed of denim heads and bring together an already bustling denim community.

The co-founders of Wiuep Co, hold a simple key objective which is to create an environmentally friendly range of products that will compliment it’s mission of educating the general consumer and uniting the denim community through its workshops, as well as support of the independents which share the Wiuep Co philosophy. Now you get to reap the rewards of their dedication.

With a whole range soon to be in force, Wiuep Co will be right there supporting you and your treasured threads as the solitary destination in enlightening and refining the way you think about your denim.

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Contact Us

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Telephone: 1300.55.99.83

Wiuep Co, 14-16 Sackville Street, Collingwood. VIC 3066 [Studio Only]
Denim Repair Service/Workshop open by appointment only.

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